What Is Kratom?

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Mitragyna Speciosa, a popular traditional herb that is popularly known to be a native of Southeast Asia. Also, it’s a known herb that offers a bunch of ailments. Thanks to the multiple medicinal features of the plant that makes it unique.

The plant has gained a lot of popularity in the United States, where it’s used in the production of different medical solutions. Despite the fact that Kratom is legalized in the United States, many people find it challenging to understand its use and benefits.

Let’s clear the airwaves!

You might wonder what are the health benefits of Kratom; check them out in the below discussion!

Relieves Anxiety and Elevates the Mood

Kratom is the best option if you want to elevate your mood. According to the research done by various organizations such as the drug enforcement administration, it is revealed that the herb can inspire a positive state of mind among its uses.

The report stated that Kratom use enables you to remain optimistic and maintain a positive attitude in life. Even though Kratom is not an opioid, it offers similar effects to opioid drugs (opioid withdrawal symptoms). Do you know opioid drugs? They include morphine, codeine, and heroin.

Once you consume Kratom leaves, the mitragynine content found in the leaves triggers the opioid receptors in the brain, thus regulating mood. After consumption, you will feel less anxious and more upbeat, placing you in the right mood.

In addition, the herb has the potential to mitigate depression and anxiety among users. If you are looking for something to make you high and elevate your mood at the same time, look no further; Kratom leaves have your back covered.

Improves Focus

Given that Kratom leaves present sedating effects after consumption, most people wonder how it can improve focus. After consuming the leaves, they trigger the production of acetylcholine.

This neurotransmitter is known for enhancing focus among humans, relieving muscle contraction, pain, and regulating the endocrine system. In addition, acetylcholine can enhance memory performance, focus and improve the power of the cortical circuits to respond to stimuli.

These features make Kratom ingestion the best for those students who intend to focus on their studies and remember what they have learnt for months. After consumption, the herb propagates the release of serotonin and dopamine, which aids to improve focus and concentration.

Pain Relief

Many people worldwide are living with chronic pain due to a lack of proper medication. Thanks to the new solution in town that aids in treating this condition. However, pain is placed in different categories depending on the specific part of the body that it impacts.

When referring to the origin of pain, there is neuropathic and nociceptive pain. Nociceptive pain originates from cases of physical injury to the tissues of the body. On the flip side, neuropathic pains are mostly caused by various chronic conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and many more.

Regardless of the origin of pain, it impacts both the physical and psychological systems of humans. Kratom leaves can treat all types of pain regardless of the cause of the pain. However, they are known to work extremely well on neuropathic pains.

How do the leaves relieve pain? They work by blinding the pain receptors within the central nervous system, among other body parts. According to the drug enforcement administration, Kratom is also added to over-the-counter drugs used to relieve chronic pain.

Aids in the Recovery of Addiction

It’s no secret that many people firmly believe that Kratom is an opioid drug. The truth is that Kratom is only a partial opioid agonist. What makes Kratom leaves a preferred option for relieving addiction is that they offer the same sensation as opioid drugs but lack comedown features.

Even though it gets in contact with opioid receptors, it does not trigger long-term dependency. This means that your appetite will always remain the same even if you consume the herb for a long time.

The herb does not have the same impact as drug and alcohol dependence, as many believe. Furthermore, the leaves aid in treating other conditions, such as opioid withdrawal. These include signs such as vomiting, nausea, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Boosts Energy

Do you want to boost the rate of energy production in your body? Kratom has exceptional metabolic effects that can help you increase energy levels in the body. Research has revealed that the leaves reduce various metabolic activities while elevating others. As a result, it enhances the ability of the body to generate more energy.

They also have other benefits, such as increasing blood circulation across the body. Remember that when there is proper circulation of blood, oxygen gets a better chance to penetrate every part of the body, impacting the cells to metabolize food substances and increasing energy production.

Do you know why Kratom is the most recommended remedy for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? The concept discussed above has a better explanation for you! You don’t necessarily need to be suffering from fatigue-related disorders to use it.

You can consume it to benefit from the energy boost to help you accomplish your daily responsibilities. The leaves can be a reliable energy backup when doing strenuous workouts by reducing the rest time needed.

To get quality and reliable Kratom products, you can source them from the dispensaries authorized by the food and drug administration.

Management of Diabetes

Millions of people around the world are struggling to live with diabetes. However, only a few of them understand that Kratom leaves can aid in managing this condition. Further studies have revealed that the leaves can positively impact blood sugar levels.

The leaves contain alkaloids that aid in controlling insulin and glucose in the blood. Given that Kratom ensures all these two substances are well-balanced., it prevents all the aspects of picks and drops that come with diabetes.

This also helps those suffering from the condition to have total control over it and live the normal way. After Kratom ingestion, it gets in touch with the satiety receptors located in the hypothalamus.

If you have conditions such as obesity or diabetes, the leaves can help you control your appetite for sugary products to mitigate your condition.

Cognition Enhancement

Cognition enhancement is a major mental benefit that you can get from Kratom dependence. Typically, the brain of a human being can only work well if it gets an adequate supply of nutrients and energy generated from the body’s metabolic activities.

The liver generates microsomal enzymes in different phases that aids in metabolizing Kratom into different alkaloids. After the metabolic process, the enzymes are channeled into different sections, such as the kappa opiate receptors within the peripheral nerves and the central nervous system.

How does the process take place? On one side, Mitragynine works on the delta receptors, while the 7 hydroxymitraganine takes action on the Mu receptors. The two opioid receptors work as a team to enhance exceptional cognitive performance in the body.

Yes, Kratom use has multiple health benefits; but how does one use it?

Let’s get down to business and answer this question!

Mode of Use

In the past, Kratom users dried the leaves, chewed them fresh, or brewed them into tea. When brewing the leaves into tea, lemon juice is added to the mixture to enhance the extraction of the plant alkaloids. Before drinking, sugar and honey can be added to clear the bitter taste of the brew.

What about the dried leaves? Kratom users smoke the dried leaves. When experimenting with the vigor and euphoria feature, the Thai people chewed a range of one to three leaves at a time. However, before chewing the leaves, you first remove the veins.

Also, add salt to prevent constipation-related cases. Remember that the only part swallowed is the masticated material. After Kratom ingestion, drink water or coffee, palm sugar syrup, or tea.

Within the past few years, the Thai people have launched a new Kratom cocktail that is made from Kratom leaves. Ice cubes are added to the cocktail to generate a soft taste.

The dried leaves can also be squeezed to form tablets or Kratom capsules.

Following the legalization of Kratom by FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, you can easily plant Kratom and use it to satisfy your needs. After learning the benefits of Kratom and how to use it, let’s dive into details and learn everything about Kratom Planting.

How to Grow a Kratom Tree

Have you ever wanted to know how a Kratom tree is grown? Now, bring that curiosity here, and let’s learn!

The drug enforcement administration has noted a significant hike in the number of Kratom trees planted in the United States since 2016. According to Kratom research, this number has steadily increased following the press it has been given both on national and international platforms.

If you are a regular Kratom user who enjoys it, it’s high time you need to take one more step and grow your Kratom tree. Even though one small tree cannot give you enough supply of the leaves you need to make Kratom tea, it’s out of curiosity that one learns how to grow and increase the number of trees.

Let’s get to business!

What You Need to Keep in Mind

Always remember that Kratom trees are native to their environment. They grow well in hot, humid areas that regularly experience heavy rainfalls throughout the season. The tree loves growing in hot areas that have moisture.

On most occasions, the trees are grown under the canopy in the forest. Despite that, they enjoy areas with high humidity; sunlight is not a basic priority. When you begin growing your Kratom trees, you should try to mimic the nature of a tropical rainforest.

Seeds Vs. Plants

The immediate decision you need to make before you start growing Kratom is to evaluate whether you will use the seeds or the starter plants. For the seeds to multiply well in the soil, they must be fresh.

The problem is that there are fewer seeds across the continent, reducing the chances of getting fresh seeds on the market. This makes it difficult to choose the seeds option when growing your trees. However, if you can access fresh seeds, the better.

When you get fresh seeds, remember to germinate many of them to enable you to get enough seeds that can easily sprout. Plant starters are the best option, especially if you are a new grower. You can acquire starter plants from a reputable grower and utilize them.

These will help you to skip several stages of the germination process. Consumers can as well purchase cuttings to enable them to begin their growing journey. The best way to grow Kratom trees is to source starter plants to make your work easier.

The Soil of Growing Kratom Trees

Although the herbal drug Kratom trees love the rainy season, the soil matters a lot. Have you ever wondered why trees perform betters in Indonesia? It’s because of the soils in the region. The soil you grow in your Kratom tree should have high drainage levels.

You need to have highly fertile soils with remarkable drainage. Although drainage is a key element, you should ensure that the soil does not drain excess water to the roots. Keep in mind that moisture is important for the growth of the tree.

If you are using seeds to grow your plant, ensure that there is less drainage to give the seed enough room to grow. Once the seed starts growing, ensure that there is an awesome combination in the soil to maintain steady growth.

As the tree grows bigger, remember to keep moisture on standard levels in the ground to generate an ideal environment that favors its continued growth. Just like any other plant grows in the soil, the soil has a huge role to play in establishing better features for the plant.

Ensure that the tree gets enough supply of heat, frost, sunlight, and cold to grow in the right posture.

How to Feed the Kratom Tree

Do you know that plants feed just like animals do? After collecting all the necessary aspects, such as the soil type, the next step is to learn how to feed the tree. The tree requires lots of nutrients to grow smoothly.

The tree size ranges between 6 – 12 inches if you purchased a starter. When this tree gets a nice environment to grow, it can go upwards to a range of 100 feet. A Kratom tree absorbs all the important nutrients from the soil to grow into a mature tree.

Growers have adopted different mechanisms for making the Kratom leaves stronger. They use a fan on the plant. The wind from the fan increases the potency of the leaves, making them stronger.

A fan is a popular option due to its ability to mimic simulations of the winds increasing potency.

Indoor and Outdoor Light

The Kratom tree grows better in an environment with a good supply of sunlight. If you are using a sprout or cutting, immediately the roots show up introduce them to sunlight gradually.

Most growers in the United States use both natural and artificial to ensure that the tree grows remarkable leaves. You don’t just need to expose your plants to sunlight blindly. You should have a reputable cycle that you follow to ensure that the leaves absorb enough light.

The lighting cycle is the 12/12 approach to enhance the well-being of your trees. The basic necessities needed for the plant to grow smoothly are sunlight, heat, and humidity. The tree needs a steady supply of light at the start.

If you are living in n arid area and want to grow a Kratom tree, consider acquiring a humidifier to enable you to mimic the humid season of a rainforest.

How to Harvest Kratom

After all the struggles and hustles of growing a Kratom tree, here comes the most exciting moment! Even though this is the moment to smile, you don’t just harvest Kratom anytime. Remember, it takes a lot of time and patience before you reach this point.

It can take a period of two years for the tree to mature and be ready for harvesting. But, you can harvest the leaves after one year. Most people grow Kratom mainly to harvest the leaves and develop them into tea.

How do you know when the leaves are ready to be harvested? The best time to harvest them is right before they begin falling off. The active ingredient in the leaves is mitragyna which is only available before the leaves detach from the tree.

When you see your Kratom tree flowering, this does not mean that it’s ready for harvesting. In fact, this is something that can rarely occur. You need to be extremely keen to harvest only the fully developed leaves.

Tea Time!

Tea time is enjoyment time! After hard work and consistency, you can now taste the fruits of your sweat. However, there is something you need to note at this point! The stem and veins of Kratom have different alkaloids compared to the leaves.

Do not make the mistake of throwing anything away. If you are keen enough and want to get the best out of your harvest, take your time and separate the stem and the vein from the leaves. This will allow you to taste and enjoy all the alkaloids.

To create exceptional tea, you can use a grinder or any tool of your preference to convert the leaves into fine powdered Kratom.

At this point, you have a fair understanding of Kratom and everything revolving around its physical composition. Let’s dive next into the scientific section that most people consider technical. Read on!

Molecular Description of Kratom

Kratom leaves generate a substance known as mitragynine. This refers to the chemical composition of the leaves. The substance is insoluble in water but soluble in other conventional organic solvents.

Mitragynine distills at a temperature of 240 degrees. When it distills, it formulates white amorphous crystals that melt at a temperature of 106 degrees. The FDA advisory also noted the availability of 7 hydroxymitragynine in the plant leaves.

However, the content is available in small amounts. The content in Kratom triggered the food and drug administration to allow the use of the drug in the United States. The molecule combination of Kratom makes it a better choice to mitigate cases such as opioid addiction.

The molecular composition of Kratom is also approved by the FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb aiding in the treatment of opioid withdrawal.

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