What are pre-rolls?

A pre-roll is a joint that has already been rolled into its tight cylindrical form. It consists of a rolling paper, cannabis, and a small filter.

Pre-rolls enable you to start smoking marijuana without spending time rolling a joint. Apart from eliminating the time-consuming process, the pre-rolled joints also remove the frustration and hassle from the equation, allowing you to immerse yourself in the experience altogether.

They are relatively new products that entered the market once numerous states legalized medical and recreational cannabis. Before that, people were rolling their joints and blunts, which required a lot of practice.

How to use a pre-roll?

Using a pre-rolled joint is a straightforward process that does not require any other equipment apart from the lighter.

Hold the pre-roll between your thumb and index finger and light the twisted tip, similar to how you would light a cigarette. Gently rotate the joint to ensure that the entire circumference is lit up evenly.

Place the lit joint between your lips and take a few small puffs to elevate the process. It only takes a few minutes before you start smoking the pre-roll.

Types of pre-rolls

Pre-rolls can be categorized into different strains, each with a distinguished effect since not all strains affect you the same way.

These strains include:

  • Indica: Pre-rolls made with Indica cannabis are known for their calming properties, making them helpful in targeting insomnia and stress.
  • Sativa: Sativa strains help induce a more energetic vibe and uplift the mood, making them ideal for energy-based activities. They can boost motivation, help combat anxiety and depression, and alleviate pain and loss of appetite.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid pre-rolls have strains that occupy the middle ground between Indica and Sativa, with varying compositions of the two strains. Thus, look for one that delivers the effects you want.

In addition, pre-rolls can be further classified as regular and infused. Regular pre-rolls made with ground cannabis flowers have a lower potency than the infused ones, which are lined with a cannabis concentrate and the cannabis flower.

The pre-rolls can be infused with different concentrates such as cannabis oil, hash, or the highly-potent kief.

Benefits of a pre-roll

Cannabis pre-rolls offer several benefits that make them distinctive among cannabis consumption methods.


The most significant advantage of using a pre-roll is that the joint is ready to smoke as soon as you purchase it. It saves you the time and trouble that goes into rolling your joints.

Moreover, you can also avoid the mess that can ensue when you grind and stuff cannabis into your joints before rolling them.

In addition, cannabis pre-rolls are perfect for intermittent users who smoke a joint occasionally. Instead of buying a jar of flowers that might expire, you can simply purchase a pre-roll to enjoy the high.


When making your cannabis pre-roll, you may roll them incorrectly, making them too tight, loose, insufficiently stuffed, or over-stuffed. Thus, buying pre-rolls ensures that experts have rolled them to create premium-quality joints.

Consistent joints

Since pre-rolls are either rolled by experts or machines, they contain a precise quantity of the flower that has been meticulously weighed. Thus, you get precisely what you pay for, along with consistent results.

When rolling joints yourself, you may add too little cannabis that fails to deliver the intended buzz or add too much, thereby getting you inappropriately high.


Pre-rolls are a cheap way to experience the perks of marijuana, especially if you are a first-time user. They do not require sizeable investment to buy superior quality equipment, such as a bong, a dab rig, or a high-end vape kit.

The lower price point also allows you to sample new strains to determine what works for you. Hence, if you feel that cannabis ingestion is not for you, you can easily stop using it without worrying about wasting money.

However, pre-rolls may be expensive for regular smokers. Then, it is better to purchase proper marijuana equipment and bulk buys your cannabis.


Whether you buy a single pre-roll or a pack, it is incredibly convenient to carry them in your pocket. The pack of pre-rolls is not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes.

The portability of pre-rolls also makes them perfect for medical marijuana cardholders who prefer to carry the goods with them for pain relief or to alleviate the symptoms of a medical condition.


Pre-rolled joints are an excellent introduction to marijuana for first-time cannabis users. It saves you from buying a bulk of marijuana that will otherwise go to waste if you do not enjoy cannabis smoking.

It can also be a daunting task to roll your joint if you have no idea what you are doing or are not blessed with nimble fingers. On the other hand, pre-rolls have high-quality rolling that makes smoking a joint a breeze.

How are pre-rolls made?

Most pre-rolls are made following a relatively similar procedure, regardless of their content. The steps are as follows:

  • First, a grinder breaks the cannabis bud or flower into smaller pieces. The ground buds burn more evenly and slowly.
  • Next, the joint is rolled into one of the classic shapes, such as a cylinder or a cone. The size of the joint is also determined at this point, i.e., what quantity of cannabis it can hold.
  • Then, the filter is placed at the tip of the folded joint. The filter keeps the cannabis out of your mouth while allowing enough room for you to inhale the smoke. It also prevents your lips from burning.
  • Once the paper has been rolled, the cannabis is tightly packed into the joint until it is about 90% filled.
  • Finally, the tip is pinched and twisted to function as a wick for lighting the joint.

Types of rolling paper

The rolling paper used directly impacts the burning rate of the pre-roll as different papers let through different amounts of air. Moreover, the paper can also complement the taste. Thus, individual smokers prefer different types of rolling papers.

Organic rolling papers such as rice and hemp are commonly used with the best results in terms of burning rate and taste.

Rice papers are the most well-known ones, which have been used for a long time. They have minimum to no effect on the taste.

Hemp paper is becoming increasingly popular as it has a delicate aftertaste and burns longer than rice ones.

There are many more newfangled rolling papers, including gold leaf, wood pulp, and flax. The effects of smoking gold leaf pre-rolls are currently unknown, while joint papers made with wood pulp or fibers are typically treated with additives to decrease their burning speed.

How long do pre-rolled joints last?

There are a lot of factors that govern the longevity of the pre-rolled joint. A single pre-roll can be used up within a few minutes or last for a few days.

For starters, if you have a high tolerance level for cannabis products or are a regular smoker, you can easily consume a single one-gram joint in one go. Contrarily, an amateur smoker may take a longer time to finish the same joint.

Moreover, king-size pre-rolled cones can hold up to 1.5-1.75 grams of cannabis, which lasts longer than the average-sized ones.

Another factor is determining how long a pre-roll lasts the product’s potency. If you are smoking a highly potent pre-roll, you may achieve the desired effect after a few puffs. In that case, you can easily snuff out the ambers at the tip on a clean surface and relight the joint again when you want to smoke it.

How do you store pre-rolls?

Since cannabis is a plant, it is prone to degradation over time. Old cannabis becomes moldy and loses its flavor and potency as it ages. It will also burn faster. Thus, an older staler weed is far less effective than a fresh one. However, proper storage can increase the shelf-life of cannabis and its products.

Similarly, pre-rolls require a smart storage solution that protects them from the usual culprits, including humidity, heat, and light. Pre-rolls contain the flower, which is more likely to dry out than other products.

Thus, the best way to store pre-rolls is in airtight containers, such as mason jars. These jars are of an ideal height that will not bend your joints. Mason jars are also inexpensive and easy to stack, so you can keep them inside closed shelves to keep your pre-rolls away from heat and light.

You can also invest in airtight storage systems such as containers or thin tubes that can simultaneously store multiple or single pre-rolls.

Are pre-rolls worth it?

The only disadvantage of buying a pre-roll is you are not aware if its contents are of low quality since they are wrapped up in the rolling paper. Some producers may use shakes, trims, or other bits to fill pre-rolls.

This has been one of the primary concerns for many pre-rolls users. However, with increasing demand more and more vendors are prioritizing quality products are a nominal price.

Hence, if you source your joints from a reputable dispensary, you can be assured that you are getting precisely what you are paying for. Moreover, you can also gauge the joint’s or cone’s quality by sniffing it. A heady aroma indicates that the pre-roll is fresh and of the highest quality.

Thus, as long as you are sure that the pre-rolls are well-made and better than the hand-rolled joints you make yourself, they are worth it.

Pre-rolls provide a seamless smoking experience and allow you to start enjoying the effects of marijuana faster than other ingestion methods. They are ideal for occasional smokers but may not be very economical for avid users as the cost of individual pre-rolls can stack up.

Hence, the ultimate decision depends on each individual. Some people like rolling the joints themselves, some prefer smoking bongs or vapes, while others enjoy their cannabis as edibles and tinctures.

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