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48 Prebuilt Coils by Vapor Tech


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Artisan Vapor Company has 48 Prebuilt Coils By Vapor Tech. This is a real treat for build enthusiasts including 8 different types of perfectly built coils.These are ready to use in your RDA or RDTA to deliver insane cloud and enchanting flavor.

With Artisan Vapor Company you can be sure you are getting authentic quality products at an affordable price.

Tiger Coil 0.36 ohms 

Kanthal Al 26G wrapped with 2.0.8mm wire which provides more heating surface to the wetted cotton ensures an enough power.

Mix Twisted Coil 0.45 ohms

Kanthal Al  26G A1- 0.2 and.0.8mm wire twisted together the coil to get hot quicker and you can take a MTL puff whenever you hit the power button.

Flat Twisted Coil 0.36 ohms

2G A1 Double.0.2 and 0.8mm flat wires twisted coil always last longer and heats quicker.

Clapton Coil 0.5 ohms

26G and 32G Kanthal Al wire, providing a huge connecting surface of the coil and cotton which ensures a super power when you vape.

Alien Coil 0.45 ohms

Kanthal A1-0.2 and.0.8mm wire wrapped with 32G, bigger size of the coil and bigger connecting surface provide huge vapor production and taste.

Fused Clapton Coil 0.45 ohms

2 Kanthal Al 28G wrapped with 32G coil takes higher wattage and it lasts longer time.

Quad Coil 0.36 ohms

4 Kanthal Al 28G wires twisted coil provides a huge heating power and vapor production!

Hive Coil 0.5 ohms

2 * Kanthal Al 30 Gauge Twisted Wire coil, with a hive style shape that lasts for long time.

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