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Blazy Suzan – Pink Papers – 1-¼ Deluxe Kit


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Experience the art of rolling like never before with the Blazy Suzan Pink Papers 1-¼ Deluxe Kit. This deluxe kit is a celebration of style and functionality, featuring high-quality rolling papers in a charming pink shade.

Crafted for connoisseurs who appreciate a superior smoking experience, this kit is a testament to precision and elegance in every roll.

Roll in style with the Blazy Suzan Pink Papers 1-¼ Deluxe Kit, where sophistication meets functionality to enhance your smoking ritual.


  • Paper Size: 1-¼ (1.25)
  • Color: Pink
  • Deluxe Kit Inclusions:
    • Premium 1-¼ rolling papers
    • Additional rolling accessories
    • Carefully curated for an exceptional rolling experience
  • Material: Slow-burning, premium-quality paper
  • Ease of Use: Designed for effortless handling and smooth rolling
  • Presentation: Elegant packaging, making it an ideal gift or personal treat
  • Brand: Blazy Suzan – A trusted name synonymous with quality rolling papers
  • Category: Rolling Papers


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