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Chief Stix CBG+CBD Disposable – 1000mg




Elevate your CBD experience to new heights with the Chief Stix CBG+CBD Disposable – a symbol of excellence in the world of CBD innovation. This remarkable disposable vape pen transcends the ordinary, delivering 1000mg of both CBG (Cannabigerol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) in a fusion of flavor that dances on your palate – Fruit Punch and Tropical Lime Soda. Let the symphony of these tropical tastes whisk you away to a sun-kissed oasis, one puff at a time.

The Chief Stix CBG+CBD Disposable is a testament to craftsmanship and precision, tailored to meet the demands of both connoisseurs and newcomers to the CBD universe. It arrives pre-filled and pre-charged, ready to take you on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. Say goodbye to the complexities of refilling cartridges or tending to a device; this sleek, compact masterpiece does all the work for you.

The Chief Stix CBG+CBD Disposable is not just a product; it’s a crafted work of art, designed to take you on a sensory voyage. Every inhale speaks of meticulous quality, and every exhale is a release of relaxation. Expertly lab-tested, utterly non-psychoactive, and a seamless embodiment of sophistication, it is the quintessential choice for those seeking the pinnacle of CBD pleasure.


  • CBD Content: 1000mg
  • CBG Content: 1000mg
  • Flavor Variation: Fruit Punch/Tropical Lime Soda
  • Category: CBD Carts & Disposables
  • Disposable: Yes
  • Ingredients: Immaculate Hemp-Derived CBD and CBG Extracts, a Proprietary Symphony of Natural and Artisanal Flavors
  • Battery: Embedded for your convenience
  • Activation: A simple inhale ignites the journey
  • Design: Compact elegance for discretion
  • Laboratory Scrutiny: Each batch rigorously tested for unblemished purity
  • THC: Non-existent, ensuring a serene experience
  • Purpose: Ideal for unwinding and wellness management

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Fruit Punch + Tropical Lime Soda


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