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Clover Turp Slurp Banger Set


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Experience the ultimate dabbing convenience with the 7576 Clover Turp Slurp Banger Set. This premium set includes a high-quality banger featuring a unique clover design, allowing for efficient vaporization of concentrates. The set also includes a turp slurp attachment, enabling you to easily vaporize terp pearls for enhanced flavor and potency. Crafted from durable materials, this banger set is built to withstand high temperatures and repeated use. Elevate your dabbing experience with the 7576 Clover Turp Slurp Banger Set.


  • Product Type: Banger Set
  • Design: Clover pattern with turp slurp attachment
  • Material: High-quality materials
  • Compatibility: Fits most standard dab rigs
  • Category: Smoking Accessories


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