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Formula 710 – Instant Cleaner 12oz


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The Formula 710 Instant Cleaner 12oz is a must-have accessory for any smoker. This powerful cleaner is specially formulated to provide instant cleaning for your smoking accessories, including glass pipes, bongs, and rigs. Its fast-acting formula quickly and effectively removes resin, tar, and other stubborn residues, leaving your smoking gear sparkling clean and ready for use. The convenient spray bottle makes it easy to apply the cleaner precisely where needed, ensuring thorough cleaning results every time. Simply spray the Formula 710 Instant Cleaner onto your smoking accessories, let it sit for a few moments, then rinse with water to reveal the pristine cleanliness underneath. With its efficient cleaning action and convenient application, the Formula 710 Instant Cleaner is an essential accessory for maintaining your smoking gear in top condition.


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