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Keylife Vape Juice 30ML




Keylife CBD Vape Juice is a great way to enjoy flavorful CBD from the convenience of your
own electronic cigarette or mod of choice. Made from a blend of premium isolate CBD extract
harvested from organic cannabis, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol, our vape juice is a
simple but effective delivery method for receiving your daily dose of CBD.

Vaping CBD offers the highest level of bioavailability of all, allowing it to quickly absorb into
your body through your vascular system for the most rapid and immediate effects possible.

Keylife CBD Vape Juice, like all Keylife products, is made using only the highest-quality, non-
GMO cannabis plants, grown entirely within the U.S. under strict organic farming measures.
Available in 30ml bottles, our Keylife CBD Vape Juices come in 1500mg strength level, two
flavor options: Berry and Tropical. Simply place the juice in your e-cig tank of choice and take a
couple of small puffs to feel the fast and immediate effects.

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Berry, Flavorless, Tropical


1000mg, 1500mg