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LoKey 510 Battery Mod




Artisan Vapor & CBD has been the leading company in producing the best mods in the USA. LoKey 510 Battery Mod is one of our top selling Box Mods. This exquisite Digital Vapor Mod is available all across USA for a very affordable price of just $ 19.99. LoKey 510 Battery Mod is a complete vaping machine in all aspects and caters to the needs of every vaper effectively.

The LoKey 350mAh Key Box Battery encapsulates all of the best qualities of a travel friendly device. It’s sleek and inconspicuous design quality of being a key fob make it a trouble-free addition to any key chain. A single side button flips up the point of attachment which has a similar movement to a switch blade. With 510 threading, this piece easily fits a vast variety of cartridges or tanks on the market. The LoKey releases 350mAh of power to ultimately reach 3.7V of output. With that peak of power, this device is most ideal for use with e-liquids or aromatherapy oils. No matter what users find themselves using the LoKey with, they will always have a gratifying, easily accessible session.

The integrated, rechargeable battery is quickly and easily re-powered by the included USB charger. As an automatic device, the LoKey is primed by users taking a few short inhalations. Once readied, the device reaches temperature in a few moments to allow vapers a satisfying draw and a cloud dense exhale. Additionally, the LoKey is offered in two color options so that a user’s individual inclinations can be met.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.25 × 1.5 cm

Black, Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Rainbow, Silver


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