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Lookah 710 Quartz Wax Dish Coil




The Lookah 710 Quartz Wax Dish Coil is a premium accessory designed for use with compatible vaporizers. Crafted from high-quality quartz material, this wax dish coil offers exceptional durability and heat resistance, making it ideal for use with various concentrates. The dish design ensures efficient vaporization of wax concentrates, delivering smooth and flavorful vapor with each use. Available in multiple variations (A, B, C, D), each offering unique features to suit different preferences and vaping styles.


Quartz Compatibility: Compatible with Lookah 710 vaporizers and other compatible devices


  • A. Flat-bottomed design for easy loading and efficient vaporization
  • B. Elevated edges to prevent wax spills and ensure minimal waste
  • C. Deep dish design for larger wax loads and extended vaping sessions
  • D. Wide diameter for enhanced airflow and vapor production

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A, B, C, D


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