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Vaporesso GTX-3 Tripple Mesh Coil


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The Vaporesso GTX-3 Triple Mesh Coil is a premium coil designed to deliver exceptional vaping performance. With its innovative triple mesh coil design, this coil offers an enhanced vaping experience with remarkable flavor and impressive vapor production. It is compatible with Vaporesso devices that support the GTX coil series, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
The Vaporesso GTX-3 Triple Mesh Coil is engineered to meet the demands of vapers who seek exceptional flavor, impressive vapor production, and a longer-lasting coil. Please consult the product packaging and manufacturer’s instructions for specific usage guidelines and recommendations for optimal performance.
• Coil Type: Triple Mesh Coil
• Ohm Rating: 0.4 ohm
• Compatibility: Designed for use with Vaporesso devices that support the GTX coil series
• Coil Material: High-quality materials, such as stainless steel, for durability and longevity
• Wattage Range: Manufacturer-recommended wattage range (refer to product packaging and guidelines)
• Flavor and Vapor: The triple mesh coil configuration enhances flavor production, providing a rich and satisfying vaping experience. It also promotes increased vapor production for cloud enthusiasts.
• Longevity: Designed for a longer coil lifespan, reducing the frequency of coil replacements and ensuring consistent performance over time.

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