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Zeus Delta 10 Cartridge 1000mg




The Zeus Delta 10 Cartridge is a premium vaping product that delivers a smooth and enjoyable experience for consumers seeking the unique effects of Delta 10 THC. Each cartridge comes pre-filled with 1000mg of high-quality Delta 10 THC distillate, offering a potent and relaxing vaping experience. Designed with user convenience in mind, the cartridge is compatible with standard 510 thread batteries, ensuring easy and hassle-free use.


  1. Blue Dream: The Blue Dream variation offers a delightful blend of fruity and sweet flavors, providing a smooth and refreshing vaping experience. Users can indulge in the calming effects of Delta 10 THC combined with a delightful taste profile.
  2. Fruity Zkittles: The Fruity Zkittles variation brings together a medley of fruity flavors reminiscent of the popular candy, delivering a burst of sweetness with every puff. Enjoy the benefits of Delta 10 THC while savoring the delicious taste.
  3. Midnight Gelato: The Midnight Gelato variation offers a rich and creamy taste, combining the sweetness of gelato with the soothing properties of Delta 10 THC. It’s a perfect option for those looking for a dessert-inspired vaping experience.


  • Delta 10 THC Content: Each cartridge contains 1000mg of Delta 10 THC distillate, ensuring a potent and consistent dose for users.
  • Compatibility: The Zeus Delta 10 Cartridge is compatible with standard 510 thread batteries, making it easy to use with a wide range of vape devices.
  • Lab-Tested Quality: The product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure purity, quality, and safety, providing users with a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience.
  • User-Friendly Design: The cartridge features a user-friendly design, allowing for convenient and mess-free vaping.

Please note that Delta 10 THC products may have varying legal status depending on your location. Always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding the use and possession of cannabis products. Additionally, it is essential to understand the potential effects and risks associated with Delta 10 THC consumption and use vaping products responsibly. This product is intended for adult use only and should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

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