What is a Vape Pen

A vape pen refers to a power source specially designed to heat up the cartridge or vape tank to generate vapor. Why is it given the name “pen”? The device is pocket size and comes in a cylindrical shape similar to a typical pen.

In 2010, vape pens took control of the market after many people prioritized them over e-cigarettes. The device greatly transformed the vaporizer industry by offering incredible features that many people constantly seek.

What makes a vape pen unique? The device features an incredible battery capacity with extended running hours. Besides, it gives users the freedom to swap cartridges or atomizers for a better vaping experience.

What you need to keep in mind is that vape pens come in different categories. Let’s find out more about these categories!

Rechargeable Vape Pens

As the name suggests, a rechargeable vape pen is a battery-powered device that can be recharged after use. The device has a series of cartridges and atomizers. After using this device, you can recharge it and use it anytime you need it.

Do you want the best vape pen for your vaping needs? Rechargeable vape pens are regarded as the best vape pens on the market!

Disposable Vape Pens

A disposable vape pen is an all-in-one device that comprises an internal battery, a coil, and a pre-filled tank. What makes this device unique is the fact that it is neither rechargeable nor refillable. Once it is depleted, you have no choice but to dispose of it.

Furthermore, disposable and rechargeable vape pens come in different varieties. Dont get surprised when you see these new devices on the market. Check them out!

Push-Button Vape Pens

Before using this device, you must ensure it is turned on. How do you turn it on? You simply press the power button five consecutive times. Other push-button vape pens give you the freedom to increase the rate of voltage output.

How do you increase the voltage output? Press the power button three consecutive times, and you will note an increase in voltage. For devices that have a pre-heat mode, you can activate them by pressing the button twice.

Draw-Activated Vape Pen

This vape pen is only activated once you puff on it. The draw-activated vape pen does not need you to turn it on or off. Also, it does not have any buttons. These devices are the easiest options to use, although they do not have multiple functionality features to offer.

By acquiring this vape pen, you didn’t need to learn any skill in order to use it. All you do is puff and get a memorable vaping experience.

Now that you know a vape pen, do you know what it comprises of? Let’s make the next move!

Parts of a Vape Pen


The battery is responsible for supplying the power that runs the device. In most cases, the battery covers the largest part of a vape pen. The development of technology has enabled the invention of small-size batteries that are more powerful with beautiful designs.

The device batteries are grouped into two different categories. Some batteries cannot be removed from the device, while others can be removed and also replaced. They are mainly replaced to improve the battery life.


Many people believe that a cartridge is similar to a tank. The truth is that a tank is designed in a manner that you can re-fill the e-juice once it’s depleted. On the flip side, a cartridge is replaced with another cartridge when the e-juice is depleted.

Various vape pens have enough room to use the cartridge and the tank. In most cases, tanks are designed using a stainless steel material or plastic based on their prices. Most people prefer vape pens with transparent tanks or cartridges to help them see the level of vape juice.


The atomizer is considered the engine which converts the e-juice to vapor. This is the compartment where you place your vape juice, wax, cannabis oil or dry herb to heat before the vapor comes out.

This compartment is closely attached to the battery, and its strength is measured in ohms. The device is switched on by engaging the battery to the trigger, thus increasing the temperature.

Mouth Piece

This is the vape pen section where the vapor draws the content inserted, and it’s closely attached to the atomizer. Also, this is the part that connects the user to the device. It’s designed to offer an incredible vaping experience for users.

If you have a wide mouthpiece, you get deep and large hits. A narrow mouthpiece offers long extended puffs.


The charger comes separately from the vape pen. In most cases, it’s usually a micro-USB.

If you are new to vaping, you need to learn a few basic things to help you get started. How do vape pens work? Let’s shed light on how you can use a vape pen.

Tips on How to Use a Vape Pen


Similar to any other tool, vape pens have accessories. Even though it’s a portable device, it’s fragile, especially when using pre-filled oil cartridges. When using smoking dabs or wax, you need to have a tiny airtight container to keep your stuff.

Also, you should have a dabber, a small metal tool that will help you scoop the wax before placing it into the heating chamber. You also need a silicone wax mat to avoid spreading cannabis seeds all over the place.

Understand Your Cartridges and Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are available in different formats. There are pre-filled disposable oil cartridges. Other concentrates come in different forms, such as wax, sugar, and budder, which are named based on appearance. They work well in vape pens since they load on the go!

Load the Vape Pen Chamber Correctly

Do you know how to load the vape pen chamber? This is where most newbies experience challenges. Picking the wax with your fingers is a big no! You should never think about doing this. Use a dabber to pick the wax and fill the chamber.

If you find it difficult to load the chamber yourself, you can go for the pre-filled oil cartridges because they are easy to replace when the e-liquid is depleted.

Learn How to Use the Power Button

At this point, your vape pen is loaded, and you are good to go. Press the power button and inhale while the button is depressed. Note that the vape pens used for cannabis oil do not have a power button. All you have to do is inhale, which will automatically power on.

When purchasing a vape pen, you need to decide whether you want the one with an activation button or not. A device with an activation button gives more freedom over temperature control, giving you a better experience.

Always Keep it Charged and Store Properly

When using a rechargeable vape pen, ensure it’s always charged and keep it properly. When going for a vacation, ensure that you have a reliable storage case that is airtight and smell-proof. You can also have a spare battery to give you a backup.

Use Disposable Vape Pens When Travelling

Using rechargeable devices when travelling can be stressful. The best vape pens when travelling are disposable models. Once you are done with the dry herb vaporizer, you can discard it and enjoy your high for a few hours before you pick another one.

Have you ever wanted to purchase a vaping device? What do you consider before making a purchasing decision? Well, there are a bunch of things you need to consider to make the right decision. Let’s check out some of these factors!

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Vape Pen

Vaping has greatly increased among cannabis nerds across the globe. Studies have revealed that more than 41 million people use this strategy globally. The rise of different companies creating vaping products has raised concerns about what to consider before purchasing a vape pen. Below are the basic factors to consider!

Battery Life

Vape pens come with an inbuilt battery made from Lithium-ion. The bigger the body of the device, the bigger the pen. But the problem is how long the battery can last. The batteries of most popular brands last depending on how hard you inhale.

Before you buy the device, ensure that it has a reliable battery life to serve better!


The price of the device is a critical aspect that everybody always considers. The price varies depending on the type of material used, the quality of the product, along other top features. Always set a specific budget aside to purchase a vape pen before you gio to shop.

Heating Method

Different vape pens have different heating methods. There is the conduction method whereby the vaping material is directly in contact with the heating element. The most common method is convection heating, whereby heat is directly transferred to the chamber, where it hits the e-liquid.

Advantages of Using Vape Pens

Despite the fact that there are ill talks about vaping, it’s high time that people should learn the benefits of using vape pens. These devices have tons of benefits when used properly. Below are the benefits you need to know.

Reduces the Intake of Nicotine

Vape pens give you room to control nicotine intake in your body. The doses applied in the device are regulated to ensure that users are not exposed to high nicotine levels. Also, you can slowly adjust your doses to a lower level and eliminate cases of addiction.

Offers Instant Satisfaction

Do you want to get satisfied on the go? Vape pens offer you exactly that! The device gives you a better alternative to satisfy your cravings on the go. Note that advanced vape pens may need a few settings. Once everything is set, you get exactly what you need!

Safer than Smoking

Instead of smoking your dry herb, always opt for vaping. Researchers have stated that vaping is 95% safer compared to smoking. When you get pod mods with high levels of cannabinoids and consume them through vaping, you get relief from pain and other forms of aches.

Are you a vaping nerd, or are you just getting started? Well, we cannot talk about vaping without mentioning a vape pen!

People perceive a vape pen differently based on how they understand it. This is normal! It’s mostly considered an iteration of the original e-cigarette. In the past, vape pens were mostly used for nicotine vaping.

Things have greatly changed! Currently, they are mostly used with pre-filled THC oil and CBD vape cartridges. The increased versatility and the availability of automizers Gives you a chance to vape different substances freely!

There is a bunch of issues about vape pens that need a quick address. Stick to this content piece as we analyze different aspects to help you understand better. Let’s get started!

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